Guys, keeping it short and sweet, but honestly, I love these people to death. I wouldn’t say it otherwise. I also wouldn’t go to the effort of going through the blogs I follow to find them. Just…believe me on this one.

Every single one has their reasons, and if you’re curious, shoot me a message because chances are I will have a LOT to say about them, but I’m not going to put on her. I’d find the ever-elusive Tumblr word limit.

Without further adieu (and much more pomp and circumstance than is needed), the list of most amazing people ever.

Alex | Amy, who is the strongest, bravest, most beautiful person ever | Angela | Blue |Catherine | Charlotte | Chelsea my beautiful bby gurl txt me | Dorian | Dread | Emilie | Emily | Jamie | Jen | JordyKat | Kelly my purple-loving gurl | Kim | Madison omg bby let me love you | Mari | Nell | Nili | RachelSashi Shannon | Sierra Stephanie 

A lot of these are my favorite artists, or writers, or just wonderful people who I think everyone should follow. Shhh, don’t fight it. Just go.

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